Cycling to save these children

Photo from Tuoi Tre News

All of us know cycling is great and we don’t need any further reason to get on a bike and have fun but we always like people who do it for a good cause and we always support any idea that links cycling to helping people. And that’s why we have to support Cycling for 16, the amazing 16 days cycling trip through Vietnam by Scott Kirkham, who wants to get funds to save the lives of 32 children with congenital heart disease who cannot afford the surgery they need to live. As Scott explains, these children desperately need the treatment, which cost 1,200 USD per child (but their families only make about 50USD per month). Kirk wants to raise 38,400 USD to help these children, to save them from a “slow and painful death that their families would helplessly watch”. You can help here.

Scott is not the kind who would just sign a petition for help on, post on Facebook and keep on with his life: he decided to cross 1,600 km across Vietnam to raise money and save the lives. If cycling through Vietnam seems to be a good thing to do whatever is the reason, doing it for these children is just being a hero.”I am a simple guy who is a husband, a dad to two healthy young children (thankfully), and I just want to make a difference to help save the lives of some very sick children here in Vietnam”, he saus. We certainly need more simple men like him.

We all have a lot expenses, a new smart phone to buy and a new vacation to prepare, but a 30 USD (or more, of course) donation won’t make a difference to you and, if we all help, it can be huge for these children, it can simply save their lives. It’s not every day that you can help saving a life, knowing exactly where your money is going and how it will be used.

If you want to know more, you can follow Kirk’s adventure on Facebook, he just started his adventure in Hanoi. There you can also find details to do a bank transfer:

Here, more information about Heart Vietnam:

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