Welcome the cycling ambassador

ted ossius
From mr Ted Osius Facebook

Do you imagine an ambassador shutting himself in his office, wearing a suit, going from one fancy cocktail to another or always having important meetings in luxurious hotels? This might be the stereotype, but US Ambassador in Vietnam Ted Osius doesn’t seem to fit this cliché. He looks more like an outdoors person, and a cyclist always willing to seat on his bike and discover the country where he lives from an unbeatable perspective. On January 24th (last Sunday), the coldest day of the winter in Hanoi, he started with a group an amazing cycling trip from Vietnam capital to Hue. The trip started at the O Quan Chuong city gate in the Old Quarter. According the Mr Osius Facebook page, this spot was chosen because “it is the embodiment of U.S. – Vietnam cooperation”, as the U.S. Government restored the ancient gate five years ago. Along their journey, they have been visiting places where the US and Vietnam cooperate.

Ted Osius routes
From mr Ted Osius Facebook

Having an office in Hue,. VietnamBikeTours can’t miss the chance of being part in such a cool event and we will welcome them in Phuoc Tich village on January 30 at 1:00 PM from where they will do the last few miles to Hue. All riders interested are welcome, they can either meet us at 9:00 AM at 8 Nguyen Hue Street or at 1:00 PM at Phuoc Tích village.

During this 840km trip, the Ambassador and his cycling mates have been learning about the pangolin in Cuc Phuong, Vietnam’s oldest national park, about king Le Loi at the Lam Kinh temple, where he planted bamboo to promote sustainable development and had a warm meeting with children at the SOS village in Ha Tinh. They were unlucky to start their journey with some of the coldest temperatures Northern Vietnam experienced in the last few years, but as they go South the weather is becoming warmer and the rains seems to go away. We can make it even warmer by giving them a nice welcome as they arrive to Hue. 

Banner Ted Osius
Vietnam Bike Tours
With Founder of Vietnam Bike Tours – Ngo Trong Huy

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