One hundred Sundays riding together

ho tri an

A few weeks ago we celebrated the second year anniversary of the Sunday Bike Ride in Saigon and now we are proud to say this Sunday we are reaching our 100th ride. For such an event we chose to connect with one of our trademarks: merging with nature. That’s why we will be cycling to Ho Tri An-Dong truong eco tourism facility in Dong Nai province, where we will be able to wander by the Tri An lake, enjoy the nature that surrounds the water flows and, for the most adventurous, explore the surrounding areas. The nearby Ma Da forrest is also worth exploring and those who are interested can learn a lot about what you can eat when you are in the forrest, you never know, it might be useful in the future. Riders will soon understand this is one among many overlooked natural tourist attractions near Ho Chi Minh City .

It will be a long ride, 120 kilometers overall from the start in front of Ben Thanh market at 6:30 AM,  but as usual, we’ll be having stops for coffee and snacks. We plan to arrive there before lunch. The food will also be very special, as we will get the fish from the lake and get it cooked in the traditional way in a claypot. You won’t have to worry about chemicals or how the fish has been processed, since you will see how they catch it (or you catch it) and prepare it. After cycling, having a little adventure and eating this delicious fish, nothing better than resting your tired body in a hammock under the shade, listening to the sounds of nature. You will probably wish you can stay there forever… but after a few hours you will have to go back, smoothly, to Saigon. Be sure you keep some energy for the ride back! We also want you to reach our ride number 200.


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