Power your house with a bike? It’s possible

Climate change is a big issue in Vietnam, one of the countries who will suffer the bigger effects of global warming and the rise of sea levels. However, carbon emissions keep going up: due to the economic growth more energy is needed, more cars are on the road, more people can afford to use the aircon, and so on. So far the authorities have dealt with energy supply problems by building dams for hydroelectric power and relying on dirty coal plants. Renewable energy is doing some progress but it’s still not significant and nuclear energy, which has the downsides we all know about, is still a project. But what if you could power your house for 24 hours just by cycling for one hour on a stationary bike. Manoj Bhargava, the Indian businessman who created the 5 hour energy drink thought about this question and as the action man he is, he found the answer: you can. 

With a net worth of $4 billion, he seems to be right when he says he has more money than he needs. And he is right when he uses his money and his time to help people who don’t have access to electricity. This happens in India as it happens in some areas in Vietnam.The first 50 bikes will be tested in 15 or 20 small villages in Northern India before he distributes 10,000 all over the country early next year. While this is thought for rural areas who don’t have access to electricity, it’s also easy to imagine it in urban houses, where people would be happy to save some electricity while they workout. So far, previous attempts to generate electricity with human workout had proven to be inefficient and not worth the investment. With an estimate price of 100 USD to produce them and encouraging results, this one could be a breakthrough that can change lives of millions of people. We hope we can see those bikes in Vietnam soon. The world is thirsty for energy, Vietnam is thirsty for energy, but we don’t need more fumes and we had enough emissions. As our logo says, Climate change, ride a bike (even if it’s a stationary one).

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