Sunday Bike Ride second birthday: gifts, shirts and new bikes

SBR 2015 chinh (1024x611)
It feels like it was yesterday, but two years already passed since our chairman Ngo Trong Huy joined a friend in front of Ben Thanh Market on the first Sunday of November and had a beautiful ride in Can Guioc, south of Saigon. That was the first Sunday Bike Ride, an event that started slowly but has steadily gained popularity to become the most recognizable Sunday Biking group in town. Vietnamese and foreigners join every Sunday to do some exercise, discover new places around the city and have a good time together. As Huy says, “the goal is also to make Vietnamese people and foreigners know each other and spend more time together”.
And those who have been more consistent in joining over the 43 rides we had in the last year will be rewarded in our birthday party this coming Sunday. As usual, the meeting point will be Ben Thanh Market at 6:30 AM on Sunday November 8th. The ride won’t be too strenuous, we will visit the bike store of one of our two main sponsors, Xe Dap Vietnam (the other one is Phi An Welding machines), we’ll cross over the Saigon bridge to reach district 2, then reach Cat Lai before crossing the Phu My Bridge and ending our ride in Phu My Hung. All riders are welcome the party at 36 Star Hills, Phú Mỹ Hưng, district 7. Food and drinks are provided by our sponsors.
If you are one of the top five riders of the year, you will get on Sunday Bike Ride shirt for free. If not, don’t worry, you can buy one at a good price. If you joined us one or two times over the last year you can get one for 400,000 VND, if you rode 3 to five Sundays, it’s 300,000 VND and only 100,000VND if you caame 6 to 9 times. You never joined us? No worries, the birthday party is a perfect time to get started, get to know the people on the bike and sharing some food and drinks with them. And you can also get a shirt for 700,000 VND. Mr Ngo Nhat Bao can help whoever wants to get one (tel: 01214514250). You can make the order here.
As usual, not having a bike is not a problem. You can rent one from us. And now it’s even a better time to do so, since we have brand new bikes at our offices in Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. Don’t miss our birthday, it only happens once a year!

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