Seven reasons to ride a bicycle

vietnambiketour photo

As the Sunday Bike Ride anniversary event (November 8th) is getting closer it is a good time to remind a few advantages of riding a bike compared to cars or motorbikes.

1) Freedom
Only bike riders can understand this. The feeling that you are flying on the road, the feeling that a tiny vehicle can take you anywhere, the feeling that you own your destiny. Going downhill on an empty road can be the closest humans can be from flying.

2) It’s fast
It’s true than in a tropical climate like Vietnam’s you may need spare clothes because of the sweat (or the rain) but riding your bike in the city (with a mask and a helmet) is one of the fastest ways of moving around. For sure faster than cars if the distance is not too big and sometimes quicker than motorbikes. On a bicycle you can always find a space to squeeze yourself on traffic jams or find alternate routes.

3) It’s clean
Not only you don’t produce any carbon footprint when you ride it but the impact on the environment of producing a bike is much smaller than the one to produce a car or a motorbike. In a country like Vietnam, where climate change is already a big issue the use of bikes should be strongly encouraged.

4) It’s cheap
Yes, there are bikes out there that can cost a few thousand dollars, but in general a bicycle is way cheaper than a motorbike or a car. And it doesn’t require much maintenance. YOu can take your bike after ten years and it will only need some oil and air for your tires.

5) It makes you fit
Why would you spend so much money going to the gym when you can actually use commuting time to improve your fitness by using your bike. Ride your bicycle everyday and you will soon experience how your body feels better.

6) It makes you feel good
That happens when you make exercise, your body produces endorphins that will make you feel better. Sometimes it can even help you be more productive at work.

7) Bikes are silent
Except for the relaxing sound of the chain and the wheels turning, bicycles are really silent. You only realize how refreshing it is to move around without hearing a constant buzz.

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