The second SBR anniversary approaches

Sunday bike Ride flag

It seems like it was yesterday, but it has almost been two years since when VietnamBikeTours chairman Ngo Trong Huy and one of his friends friend met in front of Ben Thanh market and rode their bicycles to Can Guioc in what was the first Sunday Bike Ride in Ho Chi Minh City. On the first Sunday f November, which this year happens to be November 1st, we will celebrate the second anniversary of the Sunday Bike Ride. We still have to carefully prepare that ride, we can already say that we are offering some gifts to celebrate our birthday, but you have to apply in advance. In this Google doc you can  give your basic data and say the number of times you have participated in the Sunday Bike ride during the last year, also telling anything about your experience. The original document is in Vietnamese, but you can easily understand it with Google Translate. If we want to get some of the gifts offered with the help of our sponsors (Phi An welding machine, and VietnamBikeTours) you have to fill in the form before our deadline on dfs October 18 at 5pm.

Through these two years we have seen how more and more riders, both Vietnamese and foreigners, joined us for our Sunday adventures. We have also seen how the idea expanded in our branches in Nha Trang and Hue. And we will see many more good things in the future. We’re just starting. Let’s keep pushing the pedals!

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