With a little help from my wheel

For us bicycle lovers, a simple bike is cool enough, an invention so good that it barely needed any change since it was invented in the 19th century. However, we have to admit that it might be difficult to attract new people and also that sometimes cycling can be a tough exercise. Assaf Biderman, from MIT thought that to improve bicycles you need to reinvent the wheel, and so he did. He wanted the bicycle to be more fun, efficient and useful and he created a company to develop a new product: Superpedestrian.

Their most relevant invention was the so called Copenhaguen wheel, named after the famous Danish capital, a paradise for cyclists. This rear wheel can be adapted to any bicycle and it turns it into an electric vehicle. No need to plug this bike to generate electricity, the battery gets charged by converting the energy you generate when you cycle. And what really makes it different is its own intelligence, it can detect when your legs need a little help and will activate the electric engine. This invention can be synchronized with your smartphone and save your routes, your pedaling frequency, your heart rate… and share it on social media.

In cities like Saigon or Hanoi, where motorbike fumes are the main cause of air pollution, a bike like that would be great to improve lives of Vietnamese people. Unlike other electric bikes, this magic wheel doesn’t require dirty energy produced in coal powered plants to be recharged. The power of your legs is enough. Let’s hope Biderman will be successful and his magic wheel will be available all around the world to make our cities safe, clean and fun. You can find more info here.

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