The Mekong Delta is closer

  (Photo: Tuoi Tre News)

The Mekong Delta is now closer to Ho Chi Minh City. Obviously, the distances haven’t changed, but the construction of a new bridge has reduced dramatically the distance you need to cover to get to Go Cong, one of the closest towns from Saigon in the Delta. The opening of the My Loi  bridge over the Vam Co river last Saturday reduces the road distance between the two provinces, according to this article in Tuoi Tre News. This 12 meter wide and 2.7 km long bridge will help improve the communication between the two cities, as travelers won’t have to wait for the ferry as they used to. And traffic will be decongested, which is always a good news for cyclists. Reducing the number of kilometers will allow us cyclists to explore new places around the Go Cong area and be able to come back to Saigon the same day if we wish to without getting too tired. 

And what to see in Go Cong? On top of the rice fields and the countryside quietness that the Mekong Delta always offers, Go Cong has the particularity of being a coastal area. It doesnt really have suitable beaches to enjoy a bath like in Nha Trang, Muine, Danang or Phu Quoc, but it’s always exciting to reach the sea, observe the clam collectors, as clams are Go Cong specialty. And Go Cong town has also an interesting cultural heritage: two thirds of Tien Giang ancient houses are in Go Cong. Most of these ancient villas and houses were built from bricks and oil extracted from trees and mixed with honey. This style is similar to the one in central Vietnam and it shows a characteristic blend with western styles, as it also happens in Saigon. With architectural heritage vanishing at very quick pace, seeing what is left in Go Cong is another good reason to cycle there.

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