The privilege of being picked up by bicycle

As an occasional bike tourer, I used to bring my bike with me in the plane, take it from the luggage belt, check that everything was all right (not always the case) and reassemble what needed to be reassembled. The bike used to be fine, but there was always a tiny minor damage, nothing important, some scratch, or some problem with the gear because of the trip. I remember this as being very tiring and the last thing I wanted to do after a flight. All this trouble was left behind as soon as I finally attached my bags and rode my bike out of the airport. I felt so free to be able to explore a new city or a new country, by bike from the beginning. Not relying on bus or taxis, not having to wait or to find out where to buy a ticket. Just pedal freely.

Vehicles 1

Now, if you want to have that feeling when you travel to Vietnam, you don’t need to bring your own bike and expose it to possible damage on the plane. From September, Vietnambiketours will offer a very unique service: bike pick up at the airport in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Danang, Dalat and Nha Trang. You will feel all the good things of bringing your own bike, the freedom to be on a bike from the beginning and get rid of the tedious bike assembling and repairing process. Our bike with our guide will be ready to pick you up and start pushing the pedals without you having to worry about finding your way. That said, we also bring a van in case you need us to carry your luggage or for travel companions who don’t wish to cycle.

This service can be used by people who plan to do a biking tour in Vietnam but also for those who arrive to a city for a short time and want to maximize the time. Instead of dealing with taxi drivers and waste one hour of their stay inside a taxi, stuck in the traffic, they can enjoy from the beginning and discover these cities from the seatpost, enjoying it thanks to the deep knowledge of our guides. If you get tired, no problem, the van is there to pick you up anytime.

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