Climate change. Ride a bike

There are many reasons to ride a bike. For those of us who share the passion for cycling since our younger age, no reason can be more important than the simple and pure fun, the freedom you feel letting your bike roll, but it is possible not everyone shares the same feelings. In case fun is not enough, there is one reason that should prevail above any other one: it’s the cleanest way to move around. Let’s close our eyes and imagine all these motorbikes that move everywhere in Saigon or in Hanoi are bicycles. Let’s imagine the clean air. Let’s imagine the silence. Let’s imagine a milder temperature without all these fumes. Hard to do it? And yet Vietnamese cities were like that not so long ago. We accept that sometimes motorbikes, cars, buses, trucks… are necessary. But most of the time, we could do it by bike, save energy and make our little contribution to fight climate change. Of course, the days when most of the vehicles you see on the road in Vietnam are bicycles are not ready to come back anytime soon, but we can all do a little bit more just by riding a bicycle whenever it’s possible.

Author: Rudolph.A.Furtado
Author: Rudolph.A.Furtado

In Vietnambiketours we are very committed with fighting climate change and this is why we chose “Climate change. Ride a bike” as our new logo. Being a Vietnamese company we have a lot more reasons to be worried about climate change. Vietnam is going to be one of the most affected countries by this problem in the next few years: floods, droughts, food scarcity, poverty, inequalities… Some effects are already notorious: Rach Gia, in the Mekong Delta, has been suffering a severe drought in the last few months, something very rare in an area used to abundant rains. People were rushing out with buckets last July to get as much water as possible from the first raindrops in several months.

The Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City will be some of the most affected areas. This region is known to be Vietnam rice bowl for the fertility of its soil, but in recent years, salt water from the sea is getting further and further into the fields and ruining the crops. If the Ocean level rises, the Mekong Delta is going to be one of the most affected regions in the world, as it is completely flat. Some of the effects are already clear in Ho Chi Minh City, where some low-lying areas get more and more floods even after several weeks without a drop of rain. Climate change is not (only) about the Earth, which will eventually have the ability to recover in whatever time is needed. It’s about us humans having to live on this planet and how to take care of the only planet we have to make sure our children and grandchildren can also enjoy it. Riding a bike is just a small step to improve this, but millions of small steps together can make a difference.

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