New office in Hue

Vietnam Bike Tours - hue office (12)

Vietambiketours keeps expanding in order to become the number one cycling tours company in South East Asia and last July 15th we opened our first office in Hue, the former imperial capital in central Vietnam. We had already been running our Sunday Bike Ride there for a few weeks, but now we finally have all the necessary infrastructure to satisfy all kind of riders. As in our other offices in Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, we offer the best quality cycling tours in that beautiful and quiet region.

What is so special about Hue? More than its beautiful landscapes that combine sea, mountain and charming towns, more than the rich history and traditions, Central Vietnam has a different character. Everything seems to flow at a slower pace, stress seems to be a word still undiscovered. Sit down, eat the delicious local food, drink a local Huda beer, talk to the locals… and you will fully understand what we are talking about.

Vietnam Bike Tours - hue office (2)-5

This slow pace that you will immediately feel is ideal for cyclists, you will feel that the bike is the perfect way of moving around. If you don’t have one, we can offer 15 brand new GT bicycles available for rent, the best anyone can offer in town, but we always recommend to hire our tours if you want to truly discover the secrets of the central Vietnam. Nobody better than our local guides to tell you about a land that is difficult to understand even for Vietnamese from other regions. From Hue we have tours to Hoian and Danang through the impressive Hai van Pass, visit the Phong Nha caves, near the biggest cave in the world, discover some of the most dangerous part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, that the Vietcong used to bring supplies from North to South during the war, and explore the routes towards Laos and Cambodia, that are just a few kilometers away. And of course, we can do customized tours.

Vietnam Bike Tours - hue office (5)-5

Address: 61c Ben Nghe St.,
Tel: (+84-543) 979191; (+84) 974131032
Email: [email protected]
Open: Mon – Sat: 8:00-17:30; Sunday closed

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