Beach cycling for the summer

Vinh Hy

Every few months we like to do a longest trip with the Sunday Bike Ride and for this August we thought nothing could be better than cycling along the coast and enjoy Vietnamese beaches. From August 14, we organize a trip to Phan Rang and Vin Hy Bay. Anyone is more than welcome to join. The more we are, the cheaper it will be, with a limit of 28 persons.

We will depart by bus from Xe Dap Vietnam bike shop, in 126 Dinh Bo Linh, in Binh Thanh district (Ho Chi Minh City) at 8pm on August 14. We will try to get a good rest in the bus, as we plan to arrive to Pham Rang at 6AM the next day. A good breakfast will give is the power to do our first ride, 40 km to Vinh Hy Bay. Phan Rang, the capital of Ninh Tuan Province can offer much more than its beautiful beaches, as it is one of the big centers of Cham culture in Vietnam. Around this quiet town it is possible to admire some of the most valuable vestiges of this culture that expanded through different parts of Vietnam between the second and 15th centuries. Two kilometers west of the railway station there is excellent hilltop Cham tower complex dedicated to Po Klong Garai, the last reigning king. A second tower is located about 20 km south west.

But we will leave that for the last day, as we first plan to cycle to Vinh Hy Bay, one of the still unspoiled beaches in the country, near the Nui Chua National Park. One of the best parts of the bay is getting there through the spectacular coastal road, which will make you forget about the heat and make your legs keep pushing. Once there, we will enjoy the local food (seafood is amazing), swim, relax, and visit the bay by boat. We’ll spend the night in a local hotel and try to wake up early to enjoy the sunrise.

On August 16, we’ll get back to our bikes and take the beautiful coast road to visit the mountain of God, 20 km from Nha Trang city, one of the most important Cham sanctuaries. We will learn a bit more about this ancient culture at the Poklong Giarai tower before going back into the bus and ride back to Ho Chi Minh City, where we expect to arrive before midnight.

August 14:
8:00 PM. Departure from Xe Dap Vietnam bike shop, in 126 Dinh Bo Linh, in Binh Thanh district (Ho Chi Minh City) to Phan Rang.

August 15
6:00. Arrive in Phan Rang. Breakfast and cycle 40 km toe Vinh Hy Bay. Lunch, swimming and visiting the bay by boat in the afternoon.

August 16
6:00. Sunrise, breakfast and ride to the Mountain of God, 20 km from Nha Trang. Visit Poklong Giarai tower. Return to Ho Chi Minh City and arrive there before midnight.

The cost is shared by the participants.
Hotel: 270,000 per room for two persons, not including breakfast.
Depending on the number of participants, we might hire a Van or a bus. here are the prices that will be shared by the participants.
Van 1 seats + truck: 11,980,000 VND (maximum 15 people and 15 bicycles)
Bus 29 seats+ large truck: 14,900,000 VND (maximum of 28 people and 28 bicycles)

Boat tour: 1,000,000 per boat

The final price will be announced on our facebook page on August 4, depending on the number of participants. You can register until August 10 at 5pm by paying a deposit of 500,000 VND. For more details, you can contact Ngo Nhat Bao (mobile: 01214514250, email: [email protected]). You can make the deposit in this bank account:Vietnam Bike Tours Co.,Ltd.; 007-1000-608-534(VND), VietcomBank Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; swift code: BFTV VNVX 007

Don’t miss your chance!

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