4 tips to lose weight with cycling

Time to start that diet
Author: Alan Cleaver

In Vietnambiketours, we mostly care about the experience of cycling, about having fun, discovering new places, having an adventure, learning more about the local culture and make new friends. And on top of all that, we don’t forget that riding a bike is very healthy, it will make you fit and will help you lose weight. But how? Here are a few tips if you want to lose a few pounds and feel lighter when you ride.

1) Eat breakfast before you ride

If you are lazy to prepare it at home early in the morning, in Vietnam it’s easy to find a pho or a banh mi almost anywhere. Breakfast won0t only make you feel better and give you a lot of power for your ride, it will also activate your metabolism. If you don’t, your body won’t want to burn fats, it will prefer to store them for the future.

2) Avoid too much carbohydrates

If your goal is to lose weight, sugars and carbohydrates (which your body turns into sugar9 are your biggest enemies, even more than the demonized fats. Eating vegetables and protein is the best combination in the long term. Keep sugars and carbohydrates for the times when you are on the road and need a quick supply of energy.

3) Eat during the ride

Wether you prefer to stop and relax while you eat, wether you prefer to eat while riding (be safe!), you should never let your body get too hungry. Eat little but eat often, you will ride better and it will be easier for you to burn fats.

4) Give it all in the end

According to some studies, your body will be more prone to losing fats if the intensity increases at the end of your exercise. If you feel like sprinting and giving it all on the bike or doing a tough climb, plan it for the end of your ride, when your body is already used to the exercise.

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