6 ways to get up in the morning and ride

Author: Kham Tran
Author: Kham Tran

You might be one of those occasional riders who love going on a bicycle but for whom getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning to go for a ride is too much. As a result, you either go late, which is not advisable in Vietnam because of the heat, or you don’t go at all, and enjoy your bed, which, truth to be said, is not a bad option. But you might regret it later on during the day, thinking you could have hit the road, discovered new places, feel better after the exercise. Here are a few tips for the ones who, like the author of this blog, have a hard time getting up early.

1) Set an appointment with a riding mate

Promises to yourself are easy to break, you will forgive yourself anyway. But it’s different if you know your buddy will be waiting for you. You can always do the last minute cancel, but that is not very considerate, so you’d better get up and go. You will later know you made the right decision even if it doesn’t feel like it.

2) Prepare your clothes and gear the night before

Ok, we know you like sleeping as much as possible and it’s hard to get you up from the bed. So a little trick to save time in the morning is to prepare your gear before. You will just have to get up, eventually have breakfast (you can consider skipping it and eating something along the way if it works for you) and go.

3) Plan your route in advance

If you know where you are going you will already have an expectation in your mind and it will be easier for you to beat the bed temptation. You will be looking forward to it.

4) Leave the curtains open

If your bedroom lets sunlight in, let the curtains open the night before and let the sun slowly wake you up. In Vietnam the sun rises very (too?) early, so take advantage of it. You shouldn’t, however, replace the alarm clock, never trust that you will wake up with the sun. It’s just a little help.

 5) Drink a lot the night before

Native americans (the Indians from Western movies) used to drink a lot of water the night before a fight or a battle. This natural alarm clock is very effective, although the effects might come earlier than your expected waking up time. Some might want to replace the water with beer, and although it is effective in filling your bladder, it’s not the best to enjoy your ride the next morning. Keep the beers for after the ride.

6) Join the Sunday Bike Ride

If your ride is on a Sunday and you happen to be in Saigon, Hue or Nha Trang, just join us for the Sunday Bike Ride. You will have an appointment with someone (us), you will have a route to look forward to (we plan it for you) and you will have fun and discover new places.

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