3 reasons why you should ride a bike during the rainy season

Author: Dragfire
Author: Dragfire

Last week we saw that riding your bike under the rain can be safe if you do the right things. But it’s not only safe, it can be really a great experience. Here are a few reasons for you to get your bike and challenge the weather (whenever the rain or the wind are not too strong, be safe).

1) It’s refreshing

Human beings always tend to long for whatever they don’t have. During these months of unbearable heat, we were all waiting for the rain to come, and now it’s here, it won’t be long before we get tired of it. But we shouldn’t, riding under the rain in a tropical country can be very enjoyable and refreshing. Unlike in other parts of the world, where you will be exposed to the cold, here it won’t matter much if you get a bit wet, as long as you don’t get in a room with air condition right after it. Ride safely and let the water cool your body down while you push the pedals. When you feel the rain is tiring you, think of these hot rides under the sun you used to do just a couple of weeks ago.

2) It’s green

Now that the rain is coming, we will have the chance to see how the rice fields around us gradually change their color. The browny looking fields of the last few months will soon be covered by a thin layer of green stems and in a few weeks they will be lush green as only rice fields can be. Rain is the price we have to pay for this magnificent vision, and it’s a price we pay very happily.

3) It’s fun

Last but not least, riding under the rain, getting your bike into muddy roads, get back home looking like you just finished Paris-Roubaix, is really fun. Sure, your shoes, your  clothes and your bike will need a thorough wash and some maintenance, you might mess up your bathroom when you shower, but these are minor problems considering you will feel as free and careless as a child. Enjoy the mud, enjoy the rain!

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