Ride for peace with a Malaysian team in Saigon!

malaysia vietnamIf we talk about cycling in South East Asia, we must talk about Malaysia. There is no other place in the region where our sports is as popular, and where they have as many races and riders. In Vietnam we are improving but we still have a lot to learn from them and we will soon have a chance, next May 31, when the KBRB Reborn cycling club from Malaysia will have their Peace World Cycling Tour in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. The venue is on Sunday May 31 at 6:00 AM at the Ho Chi Minh museum, in District 1, and all the riders who want to join will enjoy a 38 km loop around Saigon. malaysian peace world cycling tour This will be a huge event for the cycling lovers in Ho Chi Minh City. We expect that over 100 riders will join them. Sunday Bike Ride and Vietnambiketours will be their host and partners to help them in a foreign country and we will make it easy for everyone who wants to join this city tour: it is free and we provide a bike if you don’t have one. The riders of the malaysian club will join cyclists from the countries they visit in their tour around ASEAN countries:  Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore among them. The goal, aside from cycling, getting to know new places and new people couldn’t be better: to promote harmony and world peace. They will spend two more days in Vietnam, until June 2, before preparing their trip to another ASEAN country. Just knowing why they ride gives us a clue about the kind of people they are and how interesting and fun it must be to join them on their Vietnamese days. Besides, it’s not often that it is possible to have such an experience in Vietnam, sharing the road with so many cyclists. If you want to join just bring your bike to Ho Chi Minh Museum at 6:00AM that day and have fun!

Sunday Bike Ride
Sunday Bike Ride & Vietnam Bike Tours

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