Meet Xuyen, our man in Nha Trang

When he was a child, Nguyen Tu Xuyen already knew he wanted to become a tour guide. He probably didn’t think he would do his job on a bicycle. This 33 year-old young man can now combine his passion for tour guiding with his other passions like cycling and the culture and history of his country. Xuyen is the manager of Vietnambiketours office in Nha Trang, the first expansion of the company after several years with a great experience in Ho Chi Minh City. He is the man for everything: he manages the office, he sells bike tours, thinks of how to develop the business and he fulfills his passion as a tour guide.


Beyond its wonderful beach and its buzzing nightlife, there are many aspects of Nha Trang that are often overlooked . Xuyen likes to challenge the common perception of Nha Trang  and talk about the multiple attractions this coastal city and its surroundings offer for bike lovers: “It is located in a favorable location along the coastline, with fishing villages, islands, beautiful beaches combined with waterfalls, countryside…”. This is why he insists that the region is perfect for bicycle tours, with many new spots and aspects of the local culture that are waiting to be discovered. “I believe that in combination with the type of discovery, diving, sightseeing activities, the bike will make guests have more new options”, he says.

He looks for clients who share with him the passion for cycling, for outdoors, and who are willing to learn about the local culture, the history and the traditions. He started working for Vietnambiketours as a tour guide in central Vietnam and the more he learnt about the job, the more he wanted to know. He has no doubt that working for Vietnambiketours, he has found the right job for his passion and his forte. “That’s why I strive to become a good manager for my main passion. To inspire as well as the benefits from biking to friends and relatives”.

Being someone so passionate, his friends and relatives often hear from him and his encouragements to try cycling, to join the tour, to cycle at least once a week and discover places they didn’t know before. “Every week we regularly organize trips combining cycling and the learning of cultural aspects of the areas where we live. These are significant activities not only for me but for my friends and for people who love cycling in general”, says Xuyen.

His love for his job is so great that even in his spare time he likes riding his bike and go around to find new spots around the region. He offers something new and he hopes that his passion will be passed on to tourists who can pay attention to the new attractions he can offer them in Nha Trang.

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