Our man in Australia

Andrew with the Vietnam flag

Andrew Edwards is one of the dozens of tourists who experienced traveling by bike with Vietnambiketours. He cycled with a friend from Ho Chi Minh City to Angkor Wat and he remembers it as an experience he will never forget. He was impressed with the quality of the tour and he couldn’t believe how warm and hospitable people in Vietnam were. “Vietnam was a country that had always interested me and I was not disappointed. The countryside is beautiful, the cities are hectic and full of life, the food is absolutely amazing but probably the best thing about Vietnam is the people. Everywhere we went we were greeted with a smile and a ‘Xin Chao” and more often than not a giggle when we answered back in English. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming and at no time did we ever feel like we were intruding”, he says.

Now back in Adelaide, South Australia, where he has been working for 20 years in the transport industry, this passionate surfer who also likes riding his bicycle whenever he has spare time is Vietnambiketours man in Australia. His main task is to act as an Australian contact for people who are interested in booking a bike tour in Vietnam. If you are Australian and are planning to do a biking tour in Vietnam, he is the man with all the answers. “I will be able to answer questions about particular tours, make suggestions and help make the booking process easier. My job is also help the tourists find the tour right for them”, he tells us.

It is not a coincidence that Vietnambiketours is putting the focus on Australia, a country of adventurous people. “Australians love to travel and South East Asia is a very popular destination. We also love the outdoors and a bit of adventure, something a little bit different from a normal tour. This is what makes the tours offered by Vietnam Bike Tours so attractive – the sense of adventure, getting off the beaten track and seeing something that most tourists would never experience”, explains Andrew. Besides, biking is a big thing in Australia and it’s becoming bigger. “Cycling in Australia is a very popular pastime as well as a sport. We have the Tour Down Under which gets more popular with every passing year. With our climate it is easy to cycle all year round and Australians have really embraced it”, he states.

You could think that cycling tours are just for young people, but every Sunday you can realize how wrong this conclusion is, many people over 50 or even 60 love cycling and are not scared of a cycling tour. Anyone who loves cycling, outdoors and experiencing a different culture can enjoy it.  “This is the great thing about cycling tours, they appeal to many different age groups and kinds of people. They are suitable for people who ride a bike all the time but also will suit someone who enjoys a nice quiet ride on a Sunday. Most of the tours are suited for families or small groups and some are more suited to your dedicated riders who want to really challenge themselves. There is really something for everyone regardless of age or experience”, he asserts.

As Vietnam becomes more and more popular in Australia -a country with a big Vietnamese community-Andrew strongly recommends it as a traveling destination, regardless of his work for Vietnambiketours: “For anyone who has ever considered traveling to Vietnam my advice would be to go for it,  you won’t regret it. But a word of warning, once you have been you will find it hard not to keep returning to learn more about this wonderful country!”

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