New manager for a brighter future

DSC_0621Nguyen Van Lang is the new manager of Vietnam Bike Tours and he knows his business. This mild- mannered man has 22 years of experience as a deputy general manager  in Exotissimo, a foreign tourist agency that came to Vietnam as early as 1993. He has seen it evolve from a small office with three workers to a firm that has expanded to other countries in South East Asia. Being 56 years old, he could have started to think of retirement, or let himself go a few more years in a comfortable position, but Mr Lang likes challenges. And that’s why he accepted the offer to become the general manager of Vietnambiketours.

“After 22 years, I wanted to try in a Vietnamese company. It’s still a small company but I think it has the potential to become big. I moved because of this and also because of patriotism. It is challenging to try to grow with a Vietnamese company. With my experience, I can improve the management, I have experience in finance and accountancy”, he says firmly.

Mr Lang doesn’t want to reveal much about his plans, partly because he has to develop then more after deep observation. “I can’t say yet what is the growth potential of the company. I have many plans, now we are reorganizing the structure of the company. After that, I want to give priority to our presence in international tourism fairs to publicize our activity in the world. Another important goal is to hire the best workers and we will stimulate productivity according to the salary level. But I shouldn’t tell much more”, he explains.

Now focused on biking tours, Mr Lang wants to keep strengthening that part of the business, but he also wants to improve the service for package tours for international tourists who don’t necessarily want to cycle. Australians, Americans, Europeans would be the main target but he needs to reach them and that is a big part of his challenge.

“We sell our tours online but we don’t reach many tourists yet. That’s why we want to participate in the fairs, and we also want to show our presence in other media, like the magazines specialized in tourism, where we want to show our activities, pictures of our tours”. If things go well he is confident that new offices could be opened in other cities like Can Tho or Hue, as it already happened in Nha Trang recently.

After a few minutes of conversation with a coffee near the office of Vietnambiketours in De Tham street, Mr Lang looks at his watch and excuses himself. “I am sorry but I can’t stay longer. I have to go. We have so much work to do”.

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