One year riding with you on Sundays!

Sunday Bike Ride
Sunday Bike Ride

You may know by now that we don’t only like to ride our bicycles, we like to do it with you. Companionship, sharing happy and funny moments is as important as the fact of feeling good about the exercise and this is what truly makes a difference between us and other cycling groups in Ho Chi Minh City. This is why one year ago we decided to start the Sunday Bike Ride. It is hard for us to believe that twelve months are already gone and we are waiting for you this Sunday November 2nd to celebrate it with you. For such a special event we chose to ride to peaceful and relaxing Gia Bao Villa, in Ho Chi Minh City’s district 12, about 20 kilometers from the city center.

It is a short and easy ride for any level and we will actually spend most of our time relaxing, singing and swimming as we get to know each other a bit better. And there will be some exciting surprises that we can’t tell you about yet… You’ll have to come if you want to know. As usual, the meeting point will be Ben Thanh Market at 6:30 AM and we expect to be back there around 1pm, after having lunch together. If you need a bike, you can rent it with us, here you can read about the new ones that are available.

Since we started this adventure on the first Sunday of November last year, we have cycled on 49 Sundays out of 52 and we ventured into kinds of terrains, enjoying nature, exercise and friendship. We learned about Vietnamese culture in places like the Cao Dai Temple, the Thanh Da Peninsula or in the floating Market in Tien Giang, we discovered amazing natural sceneries a few hours away from Saigon such as Da Han waterfalls or the beach in Bien Ho Coc, and, most important, we had a lot of fun. It would really be a pity to miss the surprises going on this Sunday!

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