Try our new bikes!

Maybe you have thought about trying to join some of our rides but you are not sure about the bike. You might think of buying one, but that’s too expensive and you don’t know if you will use it as much. In that case, you can just rent the ones Vietnam Bike Tours offers for the Sunday rides (join, it’s free!)or for the personalized tours. You might be picky and worry about the quality of a rented bike, but you shouldn’t. We like good stuff and from today (October 3), we have 30 amazing brand new bikes available. So, you should run, you have the chance to be the first one to ride it! This Sunday, the trip to Saigon Outcast and Thanh Da Peninsula is a good occasion!

GT Avalanche Elite
GT Avalanche Elite

These are mountain bikes good in every terrain, with 30 speeds, hydraulic disk to improve the safety and a comfortable 710 mm handlebar. They’re good on roads but it’s on trails where you will really see they come alive and you will feel the difference.

If you prefer, we also keep our usual bikes, which are no longer new but are still high quality bikes. Our Canondale Trail 6 will fit the expectations of the most demanding riders. This bike is really fun to ride, very good to control in a difficult terrain and really agile.

And for the Trek fans, we also have the Trek 4500 Disk, which is perfect when you go offroad, very comfortable and easy to handle. You will feel like you’re flying accross rice fields. So, if you are thinking of riding, the bike should no longer be an excuse for you!

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