Magical Pongour Waterfalls

One of the best trips around Dalat is to hike and to ride around the wonderful Pongour Waterfalls, which is nestled in Lam Dong Province. The waterfalls are only 50 km from the city, so we will begin our ride in Dalat, continuing through highway 20 and then entering the forest to find the magnificent Pangour.


We truly recommend this trip during the rainy season, so we will definitely be prepared for the wet weather…but once you arrive to this location you will understand how magical it is to see the waterfalls full of water. Pongour is also named as the ¨seven floors waterfalls¨ due to its height–it is truly amazing and we will be able to hear the sound of the water long before we even arrive there!


During the TET celebration the people of the surrounding areas celebrate with picnics near the waterfalls, mainly because of its magical environment and the legends that are inspired by it.

Once there we will park our bikes for a while to contemplate the beautiful sight and we will hike to the top of the waterfalls to take some of the best pictures and to take in the view. Then we will ride around to discover the amazing area where the waterfall is situated. Don’t you want to ride with us? It will be legendary!

Pongour Waterfall Dalat

*Photo by the Vietnamese photographer Dang Ngo.


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