The most expensive soup in the world

To ride in Vietnam is to discover a magical world, full of exotic things along the way. One of the most famous things that Vietnam is famous for is its healthy and yummy food. Apart from its globally-known phở, the soup culture here is still waiting to be discovered.

Today we would like to introduce you to one of the strangest soups in the world: the Vietnamese version of the Edible Bird’s Nest soup. The nests used for this soup are made by birds with their own saliva. To cook the soup the nest has to be dissolved in water, getting a unique texture that costs approximately 1,500 dollars, converting this soup in one of the most expensive foods in the world.

Although soup is actually commonly used in Vietnamese cuisine, the Edible Bird’s Nest is considered a luxury ingredient and it is sometimes used to create original desserts due to its gelatinous texture.

The Edible Bird’s Nest soup offers many known health benefits: anti-aging and immune-enhancing properties, it is used to treat asthma, it even has promises to work as an aphrodisiac, and the nest is a common product for traditional medicine.

Here in Vietnam you can find it in touristic cities as Nha Trang or Mui Ne. All you need is to have the money to pay for it!

The export of these nests is absolutely forbidden, so the only way to taste it would be in the Asian countries where it is cooked, making it a unique feature of this part of the world.




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