Nha Trang…more than a nice beach

It is true that Nha Trang is well-known for its wonderful beaches that are full of white sand and clear water. And it has 19 islands, making it one of the best spots to practice scuba diving in South Asia. Plenty of tourists arrive at its hotels to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the most fun city in Vietnam. We will also explore the city, but first we will go to discover the wonders of a historic place, riding our bikes just as always.


We will begin this tour in Nha Trang cathedral, which is settled in a hill that offers some amazing views of the city. This cathedral is in French Gothic style and has the reburied rest sites of many Catholics in its walls. After this we will visit the colonial zone of the city, full of interesting buildings that have been well-conserved.


But to discover the real history of Nha Trang we will have to ride to its Champa past. We will visit the Thap Ba Po Nagar temple, which has very easy access by bicycle. The temple is a wonderful Cham towers complex with magnificent views of the Cai River and the nearby fishing village.


And in Nha Trang we have to party, so we will! We will ride our bikes along the promenade, and after swimming through the clear waters, we can have dinner and drinks right in front of the sea.

The next day will be a tour of the mountains, where the city is surrounded by countryside and hills. We will ride to Hon Ba Peak, a place of pure air, cool weather, and many flora and species you have likely never seen before. To finish our two-day trip to Nha Trang, an outstanding riding day among nature awaits us in this adventure!Image

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