Giang Dien Waterfall

Do you need a break from the pollution and busy life of Ho Chi Minh City, but don’t want to travel somewhere overnight? We have the perfect solution, so follow us to Giang Dien Waterfall–a one-day tour mixing amusement and bicycle! Come to enjoy the nature we have near town.

As always we will meet at Ben Than Market, where we will continue riding on the National Highway 1A for 50 kilometers, which should be no problem for us bike lovers! Once there we will ride through nature around the waterfall, and we will visit the new tourist area where we can cross the amazing suspension bridge to arrive at a wonderful 10-hectare fruit garden.

Although the tourist area has some great restaurants, we will park our bikes to take a rest and to have a nice picnic in the middle of nature. After that, it is of course necessary to take a fresh swim in the waterfall. Before going back to the busy life of the city we will have the opportunity of visiting a reptile farm, which is full of scorpions, salamanders, snakes, and other reptilian creatures.

Dry season is the best time of the year to visit Giang Dien Waterfall, as the water is clear and not muddy from the rain season. So the time is now to enjoy this wonderful trip!


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