Relaxing Landscape Outside of HCMC

Sometimes we feel like the city is pushing us out from its hustle and bustle, so this week we will travel just a few kilometers outside of Saigon to escape from the crazy traffic and pollution for a little while.

Just 8 kilometers from HCM’s city center we will find the Binh Quoi Tourist Village, located in the Than Da Peninsula on the Saigon River. We will begin our tour at Ben Than Market, after which we will then cross all of Binh Than district to arrive at our destination.

There we will find a very relaxing touristic village, where we can ride among coconut trees, grass fields and bridges over the lakes that reside there. And we can even discover a little bit of the ancient life in the Mekong Delta with its thatched cottages.

As a touristic place we will have the opportunity to see some cultural shows, such as traditional music or even a Vietnamese wedding party.

After the riding, we will enjoy a peaceful meal at one of the several restaurants in the area, where it is possible to find both Vietnamese and Western-style cuisines.

In the afternoon, before riding back to HCMC, we will take a boat to float along the Saigon River, making several interesting stops at Lai Thieu Orchard, the Nha Rong Wharf and the Ben Duoc Temple.

Come with us, and very soon we will take you out of the daily stress of HCMC to a peaceful landscape, where you can enjoy your weekend!


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