Riding to the heavens, Bana Hill.

On this occasion we will ride to Bana Hill, located 1,480 meters above sea level. Our shuttle bus will pick you up in Danang, which is one hour away from the mountains. The roads are rough, so we will need to make an effort to get to the top…but from there you will have the most amazing view of the East Sea and the Lao Mountain. 

On our way we are going to find a marvelous forest, where the weather will be a little bit cold, and the higher we climb up the more the clouds will envelop us. Several rivers that have amazing, natural pools will serve as our stops for lunch time.

Bana Hill used to be a colonial French hill station established in 1919, but today many Vietnamese and foreigners can enjoy a new and modern mountain resort that has castles, a wine cellar, an amusement park and big pagodas. We will also spend some time riding around and enjoying the new site.

 But the most exciting way to travel down from the hill will be in a scenic cable car. After enjoying the wonderful views from the top of the landmark, we will take the cable car on our way down for more than five kilometers of observing the outstanding beauty of nature from a different perspective. Ride to the heavens with us!




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