Riding Hanoi Old Quarter


On this occasion we are going to visit the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, and the Old Quarter, one of the oldest neighborhoods in town, to discover the ancient wonders of the city.


Although the traffic is chaotic and busy, we will ride our bicycles among hundreds of motorbikes to enjoy the busy life of downtown Hanoi.

Old Quarter is composed of lots of tiny streets that are full of little business where you can find almost everything you need to buy in life. Organized by guilds, we will try to ride with no planned route or destination, but just to enjoy the environment each time we turn on corner. With more than 1,000 years of history, the old and new life is mixed in this part of the city.

A compulsory stop at one of the markets will be done just to try the world famous Hanoi street food…after that we will keep riding to a more relaxed spot in the middle of all the chaos. The Hoam Kiem lake park is a quiet and green spot where locals and tourists try to escape from the frantic life of the Old Quarter, so we will ride for a while along this amazing park, and we could even have a picnic to finish another magical day riding in Vietnam’s capital city.

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