Riding Saigon during Tết



Tết, or Vietnamese New Year is the most important festivity in Vietnam and it celebrates the arrival of spring based on the lunisolar calendar. For this important date, Saigon, the busiest city in the country, will enjoy of the full of life streets, and of the flowers show.


Because Tết is familiar very important celebration, the streets of Ho Chi Minh City are already dressed up to receive the New Year. We will ride to downtown and will park our bikes for a while near Nguyen Hue Street. This specific street is closed to traffic during celebrations in order to show a marvelous flower carpet along the road. It is a real pleasure to walk through. After that we will ride again to Tao Dan Cultural Park, where we will enjoy not only the flowers festival, but we can also participate in games, food celebration and traditional music.


To finish our ride it would be awesome to ride along the main streets of Saigon. The city center is a magical place during this month, especially at night with all of the street lights on every single evening. You cannot imagine how lovely it is to ride your bicycle along all the downtown streets, where we can see and feel firsthand the magic of the New Year celebrations.


Come and ride with us and live and share with the rest of the city during this wonderful time of the year. Mix yourself with all the Tết noise, full of firecrackers, drums, bells, gongs, and anything you can think of to ward off evil spirits. Happy New Year!


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