Mystic Marble Mountains

marble mountains
marble mountains
Just half-way between Danang and Hoi An, in the central part of Vietnam, we will find the mystic Marble Mountains: five hills that provide marble to the region where the locals sculpt images of religious gods. Apart from the compulsory ride to the shops to find some of these statues, we will also have the opportunity to go up to the five marvellous and magic hills with our bikes.

Inside the Marble Mountains we can find several caves, each of them a kind of paradise on earth, where locals and foreigners go inside to pray to the gods and light candles asking for miracles, as they contain several Buddhist and Hindu temples and pagodas. The outside of the mountains is additionally composed of several temples that we can visit while ridingand enjoying outstanding weather the whole year-around.

The views from the top of the mountais are amazing, and after having lunch in the countryside, we will journey all the way down to spend the evening watching a wonderful sunsetat a nearby beach.

Come with us to enjoy this mystical ride!

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