Welcome to paradise

To begin the year in a relaxing way we invite you to ride with us along the biggest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc-a genuine paradise on earth. The island has several white sand beaches and wonderful weather all year around.

The bike tour will mix romantic rides along the beach with the opportunity of biking along the jungle and at a national park. And with the incredible sensation of freedom in the middle of nowhere, we can observe the wild life with its animals and discover some awesome waterfalls on our way.

However, a piece of sad history will be found in the jungle in the old Phu Quoc prison, built by French colonialists, where tortures and punishment were practiced during the colonial years against Vietnamese leaders.

The inhabitants of Phu Quoc live mainly by the sea, giving us the opportunity to eat fresh seafood during your stops along the ride, and it will make you want to stay in paradise.

Sao beach is one of the best beaches on the island, especially if you want to combine biking with another sport in Phu Quoc, then the best option is scuba diving–the clear waters of the island will offer you a magic show of the underwater world.

So…do you want to ride with us to paradise?

Phu Quoc island
Phu Quoc island

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