Ride among rice fields

Sapa is a worldwide attraction known for its paddy fields and incredible green landscapes that will be a pleasure to ride along. It is a frontier town on the northwestern side of Vietnam, where we will have the opportunity of visiting its ancient market and cathedral.

We will spend four days in the surroundings, combining mountain biking, trekking and sightseeing, and we will have the opportunity to share the experience with the minorities living in the province at each stop.

Sapa was an isolated place, far away from tourism for many years. Nowadays they have begun to receive visitors with the warm and kindness that its people have always shown, dressed in their amazing and colorful clothes that will make our trip even more interesting.

The rice terraces are a wonder of nature, and we will bike to the top of a hill to appreciate this outstanding landscape. The Thác Bạc waterfall will make you feel like you are in a dream and you can take breath-taking pictures from the Cổng Trời bridge. In order to give you a rest, we will spend a day having a picnic at Sapa Lake, giving nature-lovers the opportunity to really enjoy this location.

In this adventure we will visit many small villages, where you will find real ethnic people and have the opportunity to check out its ancient way of life.

Riding through this stunning mountain landscape to the highest stretch road in Vietnam, called Heaven’s Gate, it is clear why Sapa is just the paradise that you were looking for.

Ride among rice fields
Ride among rice fields

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