Sunday Bike Ride

Want to explore Saigon some more? Are you itching to get on your bike but unsure if you can do long distance biking with Vietnam Bike Tours just yet?

Well, the Sunday Bike Ride may just be what you need. VBT Founder, Ngo Trong Huy, gave the Sunday Bike Ride a go starting last November 3. “We want to have a weekly public event for everyone (Vietnamese and expats) who love biking and will love biking. They have a place to do exercise and experience the passion in biking,” Huy shares.

Bright and early every Sunday morning, Huy together with 3 VBT staff make headway for the starting tour point which is Ben Thanh Market. The staff serves as the group leaders and helps ensure the safety of the bikers. They also moonlight as the tour photographers.

VBT aims to travel less than 100 kilometers (roundtrip) every Sunday. For the past tours, they’ve been pedaling for 60-80 kilometers — easy for professional bikers and just enough challenge for novice bikers. The group doesn’t discriminate. So, if you’re fairly new on the bike riding, no worries, the Sunday Bike Ride is open for everyone. The only requirement is you have to know how to bike.

So far, the Sunday Bike Ride has taken the bikers to explore Can Giuoc, Binh Duong, Hoc Mon, and Long An. Not only that, VBT makes it a point to combine riding with some sightseeing, “Every ride, we stop to visit a historical or ecological site or an interesting attraction in the area,” Huy explains.

VBT is inspired to continue on the Sunday Bike Ride as it has been getting good feedback. Not only does the tour help bikers exercise and promote the city and its outskirts, the Sunday Bike Ride have been a marvelous way to meet new friends and travel.

Starting only with 3 cyclists on its first ride, the group is now averaging 15-20 cyclists every weekend. Huy says, “We hope to inspire more and more people about this positive activity. The Vietnamese are not familiar with bicycle ride, so we may need more time to encourage them to the saddle.”

The nagging question is, “Is this for free?” You bet.

The Sunday Bike Ride IS free. Just ready your bike, make sure you’ve got your helmet on, and bike on. The only thing you’d be paying for is for personal purchase like water or food on the road. And if you don’t have your own ride, you can rent from VBT (and you’re assured that the bike is in tiptop shape!)

Too good to be true? Not. Where else can you find a professional tour group assisting bikers for free? Just as long as you can ride a bike, you can go.

So what are you waiting for? Meet the VBT team on Sunday at the Ben Thanh Market at 6:30 AM. Don’t know where they’re going to next ? check out this link:

Sunday Bike Ride
Sunday Bike Ride

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