Hoi An, the charm city

The small town of Hoi An is settled in the center of Vietnam, a fisherman‘s village that will transport us to a relaxed and ancient world.

Its Japanese, Chinese and French past has left a huge legacy, making Hoi An a World Heritage city under UNESCO and has been recognized by tourists and locals many times as the most beautiful city in the country. The city center is very well preserved as the war attacks were mostly in the city of Hue, and the city laws forbade the traffic of cars in the downtown streets, making it a pleasure to ride our bikes around Hoi An.

Along the Thu Bon river we will find many bridges, but there is no doubt that the symbol of the city is of Japanese origins due to its commercial past, so riding through this magical place on this tour is an unavoidable opportunity. Its beaches are world famous, with really clear waters and white sand shores. We will have the opportunity to take a rest in this paradise and regain the necessary energy to continue biking.

In our tour along the city we will stop at the Quang Dong Assembly Hall, a historical building with an outstanding architectural heritage. And during our ride we will need to do several stops to vistit not only the markets, but the multitude of handicraft shops in the city where we can buy silk clothes, paintings or the famous and colorful lanterns.

Ride with us to this piece of history, which is probably the most well-preserved city in the country, and relax by biking its magical streets!

Hoi An, the charm city
Hoi An, the charm city

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