Montain biking in Dalat

Dalat, in Lam Dong province, is also surrounded by some of the best mountain biking trails of Vietnam. Settled at 1.500 meters, the weather is always fresh there. It is a picturesque place with its French architectural qualities, making it feel as if you are outside of Vietnam, and it offers a nice ride along the city, full of town squares and weird places to visit at the Crazy House.

One kilometer out of the city, in Truc Lam Monastery, is the Linh Phuoc Pagoda. We will have the choice of visiting this famous Buddhist temple and then riding up to the mountain, where the famous cable railway will give us magical views of the countryside landscapes and  the lake, all while enjoying a peaceful trip.

In the natural surroundings of the city we will see the world famous Dalat falls, such as the Cam Ly, Prenn, Pongour, and Voi falls. We will have a strenuous ride to visit these places, but on our way we will find of the most visited countryside places in Vietnam, surrounded by local people who will make our tour even more enjoyable. Join us on this nature adventure!

Vietnam Bike Tours
Vietnam Bike Tours

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