Family Biking in Phu My Hung, Ho Chi Minh city

Weekends are the best time to hop on the bikes and get that much needed exercise. If you have kids in tow, a terrific place to do biking is in Phu My Hung in District 7. If it’s a relaxing bike ride you’re seeking, this may just be what you need.
The best route is from Nguyen Van Linh St., turn right to Nguyen Duc Canh St. then when you hit, Nguyen Luong Bang St., let your bikes take you to the end to Phu My Apartments (Khu Can Ho Phu My). Return back and turn right to My Vien. Enjoy the park in the middle of the Canh Vien area. Stop awhile to breathe and let the kids play by the park. Terrific place for a photo shoot so don’t be surprised to see couples garbed in their wedding dress with a photographers following them for a photo session.
You can then go back to Nguyen Duc Canh St., and pedal to the Crescent area at Ton Dat Tien or cross the Cau Anh Sau to Cong Vien Ho ban Nguyet. Kids can climb the hilly park and bike around the area as well.
While the kids are enjoying the park, the adults can snuck out and bike to the Phu My Bridge. There might not be enough challenge in terms of terrain in Phu My Hung but this 2.1 kilometer-long bridge may be all you need. While on top, stop for a bit and take in the view of the Saigon River.
Phu My Hung may lack choices for biking terrain but for a family biking weekend, it is an excellent option. What’s more is that you’ll never lack of places to grab a bite:
C2-C5 Nam Thien 1, PMH, D7
This locally owned eatery is housed in a villa. If a Vietnamese menus is what you are currently craving, Mimi has a very lean menu but just as filling after a morning of biking. Try their Sticky Rice with Chicken, Rice Noodles Soup, and of course their Banh Mi. Down your food with ca phe sua da.
Master’s Cup
B -08 Nam Đô, PMH D7
If you’re up for an American breakfast, some sandwiches, coffee, and cake, Master’s Cup at Canh Vien area is for you. Their apple pie and cheesecake are must try!
Awesome Coffee
D2-21 My Toan 3, PMH, D7
If you’re on your way back to downtown District 1, you can make a pit stop at Awesome Coffee. They serve coffee (of course!), green tea, matcha tea, measil, and lemonade. Partner it with their tiramisu cake or cotto sandwiches, and you’re golden.
Scott and Binh’s
15-17 Cao Trieu Phat St., Hung Phuoc 1, PMH, D7
If you’re looking for a proper English Breakfast or American Breakfast, better drop by Scott and Binh’s. Enjoy bacon, hash brown, sausages, and scrambled eggs.
Oh and donut giant, Dunkin Donuts is currently constructing its first store in Phu My Hung — the first in Vietnam. That might be something worth looking forward to.

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