Visit the biggest and longest cave in the world by bike

Once again we have to mention the variety of natural wonders found in Vietnam. Each year new discoveries are made in this country, and one of the most important discoveries is the one of Hang Son Doong. It was just in 2010 when a team formed by National Geographic explorers, in cooperation with British and Vietnamese photographers, decided to show the world the grandiosity of the Hang Son Doong cave.

Far away from the touristic north-south highway 1 route, in Quang Binh province, we will have the spectacular possibility of getting to enter this outstanding cave, which is in the middle of Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park.

The adventure is guaranteed in this bike tour as we could, apart from ride which is our main goal, hiking, exploring or climbing…did you ever imagine yourself as a real pothole?
This adventure is guaranteed as a bike tour as per usual, but in addition the tour will offer activities like hiking and climbing, or just the opportunity to explore the area in general. So, have you ever imagined yourself to be a real adventurer like this?

It is not easy to get there, as the place is three hours north of Hue city, which makes this tour even more attractive to those who are looking for an exciting experience to travel away from the city.

The natural park where the cave is situated is a must-see, so the time to visit is now—the real adventure for nature lovers begins here, as it will only be a short time before mass word gets out about Hang Song Doong to tourists.

PHong Nha cave by bike
PHong Nha cave by bike

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