It’s All About Saigon

The word “tour” is not exclusive to tourists visiting our vibrant city. Not because you’ve been living in Saigon for a few years now doesn’t mean you know everything about it. Truth be told, there’s so much to see if you’d just take the time to pedal through off the beaten path. District 1 is not the totality of Vietnamese living. And yes, why not see what Saigon has to offer on a bike — burning no fumes, burning only calories.
Vietnam Bike Tours (VBT) offer many half-day and full day trips within and from Saigon which includes tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels, Can Gio, Vung Tau, Can Guioc, Long Tan, Mytho, and Cao Dai Temple, among others. Whether going solo or with a group (for the tour guides to fully assist each biker, a tour group usually have a maximum of 10 bikers), there’s a tour that can be customized for biking enthusiasts and tourists.
Apart from the architecture, the view, and the food, what really makes bikers choose the “tour” is being able to socialize and “experience being with the locals and see the real life”, according to VBT founder, Ngo Trong Huy. That’s why VBT more popular tours include the city tour, Saigon countryside, and the Mekong Delta day trips. And VBT assures a memorable experience as all their tour guides know all the Saigon tours by heart.
If you’re looking to just chill on the bike, the family bike tours may be the best tour for you. Safe for families, the Mekong Delta, Saigon Countryside and off the city-center tour are your best bets. But if you’re the adventurous type and have had previous biking tour experience, challenge yourself with the terrain of Nam Cat Tien National Park and the Can Gio Forest. Enjoy the lush surroundings and fresh air and familiarize yourself with South of Vietnam’s flora and fauna. Saigon generally has a flat terrain so exploring the outskirts of the city would be a good alternative to test those sleeping leg muscles.
Huy cites the rice fields in Saigon’s countryside as the most popular pit stop for most bikers. The Mekong Delta is in fact the rice granary of Vietnam. And if you want to stop for food, let VBT tour guides introduce you to the top food stops in Saigon which are Pho 24 near Ben Thanh Market, Indochine Restaurant, local coffee shop Trung Nguyen, and Fanny Ice Cream.
With Saigon enjoying sunny weather almost all year round, getting on a bike tour anytime you fancy shouldn’t be any problem. And even if it does rain a bit, remember that you’re in it for the ride and fully being in the moment of a Vietnam experience. The busiest time for VBT is from October to April.
If you’re a first timer in Saigon, nothing beats immersing yourself in a slice of history of Vietnam with your bike tour choice. Go see the famous Cu Chi Tunnels.
And since Vietnam Bike Tours has got your back all throughout the tour, you need not worry about bringing anything but yourself, your open mind, and a camera.

Saigon city by bicycle
Saigon city by bicycle

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