Riding modern history

The world-reknowned tunnels of the Cuchi area are a huge network of connecting tunnels in the Cu Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City. Although they are just a part of an immense network around the whole country, the Cu Chi tunnels are the most famous and visited ones. Built during the American War, they were used as the Viet Cong´s base of operations during the offensive in 1968. They served not only as hiding spots for the guerrilla, but also as alternative routes, as hospitals, or as warehouses for food and weapons.

This time we will need only a half-day to enter into the area’s history. After a short transfer from Saigon to Tan Phu Trung, we will begin our ride through nice villages, where you will not find the remains of dirty paths or bomb craters, but quiet and paved roads. We will stop in some rice areas, where we could learn how rice paper and rice wine are made, with the opportunity to taste it, sharing this moment with the locals who work making this delicious drink!

After a few miles we will arrive to the battle site, providing a unique experience in the middle of the jungle by riding there on bicycle. We will have the opportunity of going down to the original tunnels 3 meters underground, shoot a real fire arm or enjoy the Viet Cong tapioca food and pandan tea at the tunnels site.

A ride through the history in just half a day…do you dare?

Cuchi tunnels
on the way to Cuchi tunnels

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