The multicolor experience in Mui Ne

In this new adventure with Vietnam Bike Tours it is the time of those who love mountain biking. Although Mui Ne is well-known for its paradisaical beaches and for the kite-surfing communities we will show you that they are not the only one who can enjoy about the wonders of the south Vietnam coast.

Prepare yourself to ride not only along the flat road of Mui Ne coast but to enter in a sandy desert (yes!!! there is a desert in this tropical country!) or to go up to a hill where you will discover a charming Champ temple from where you could enjoy wonderful sight of the bay. Let´s start!

The surroundings of Mui Ne are surprising for the riders. Although you expect a long beach to enjoy a peaceful ride the truth is that this adventure will be unforgettable for the most daring bikers.
Once you left the main road and after visiting the relaxing fishermen village in Phan Thiet the riding options are amazing. Incredible but truth…there is an amazing desert near the beach where your could find even lakes among the white and the red dunes.

One of the most beautiful paths in this area is the one along the Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien), where you could admire dry landscapes like if you were in the Grand Canyon. And always with the unexpected visit of children and inhabitants of the nearest village, you will never ride alone…they will appear even from the most unexpected places to offer you a big smile…these are the wonder of cycling, the people and hidden places you will find, impossibles otherwise than with your bike.

And to finish the adventure let us accompany you to the Champ Kingdom ruins, in the top a hill. The three towers and the rests of an ancient temple will be the end of this mountain ride, enjoy the sights from the top and discover the way of life of a civilization dated from the 13th century.

Let us show you the multiple colors of this tour, red and white sands, blue water, green plantations and orange sunsets…ride along the rainbow in Mui Ne.

Mui Ne by bike
Mui Ne by bike

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