A floating adventure along the Mekong

Mekong delta
Mekong delta

A floating adventure along the Mekong

This is, of course, a mandatory tour, a visit to Vietnam is not completed without the experience of a tour along the Mekong Delta. This south region is well known for its floating markets, for its rural villages and for the quietness of its paths.

After a short travel by bus from the noisy HCMC, the travelers will find in the Mekong Delta the relax of the country life, with amazing landscapes and a river full of life.

Riding your bike along a great green paddy or crossing through fruit fields and the monotonic jungle, you will discover the real life of the Mekong Delta, resting in hidden villages or enjoying a real real fresh fish while observing a normal day in the life of the fishermen of the Mekong.

In this exciting adventure you will cross small concrete and even wooden bridges, you will have the option of taking a boat to the other side of the river to continue the adventure along amazing rural roads. But do not feel frightened, this is an easy route to share even with your kids,

As you have the option of customize your adventure, in the trip to the Mekong Delta you can choose among several packages, from a day trip to an entire week. visiting in your way villages as Mytho which is the capital of Tien Giang province, Vinh Long which is well known for ecotourism activities, Can Tho with its famous floating markets, Chau Doc and its magic diversity including temples, ancient churches and pilgrimage sitesor Tra Vinh, one of the prettiest towns along the Mekong where you could coexist with ethnic Khmer minority.

Visit a bee farm and taste honey wine, eat coconut candy, enjoy the biodiversity of Mekong Delta, discover the floor tiles and bricks industries, eat a fresh fish while enjoying of magical landscapes.

Ride as much as you can…and when you can´t both you and your bike take a rest in a boat and enjoying the surprising floating life in the river.

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