Trekking up Cau Mountain

By Mai Ly in Binh Duong

Visitors to Thai Son Pagoda in Cau Mountain in Binh Duong Province – Photo: Mai Ly

Coming to Binh Duong Province, tourists should spend time making a pilgrimage up to Cau Mountain to enjoy the sanctuary’s atmosphere, peaceful surroundings and explore its folklore.

The area has more than 1,600 hectares with 21 peaks on the mountain range, of which Cua Ong is the highest mountain at a height of 295 meters, followed by Ong Mountain at 285 meters, Tha La at 198 meters and Chua Mountain 63 meters.

To reach the mountain from HCMC, tourists have to travel 35 kilometers to Thu Dau Mot Town, then 45 kilometers on Road 744 to Dau Tieng Town and a further seven kilometers to reach Cau Mountain in Tha La Hamlet, Dinh Thanh Commune, Dau Tieng District.

The first stop at Cau Mountain is Thai Son Pagoda nestled halfway up the mountain at a height of 50 meters. The pagoda, led by Monk Thich Dat Pham, was built in 1988 in an area of five hectares. The pagoda is highlighted with a well-decorated sanctum, 36-meter-high tower and 12-meter Bodhisattva statue.

Behind the pagoda are around 1,000 stone steps for visitors to trek up further to Cau Temple at the peak. The temple is dedicated to worship Le Van Duyet, a mandarin from the Nguyen Dynasty. There is also a 300-year-old fig tree for visitors to relax under its shade.

On the top of the mountain, trekkers can take a panoramic view of Dau Tieng Lake which boasts 27,000 hectares with 1.5 billion cubic meters of water. Tourists then can take a boat cruise around the lake and go fishing for fun.

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