Buddy memories at Nom Beach

By My Tran in HCMC

Tourists swim at Nom Beach on Binh Ba Island off Cam Ranh City – Photo: My Tran

Rain often makes people recall beautiful or sad memories. As a daydreamer, on Wednesday afternoon’s monsoon made me remember happy moments with my buddies in a trip to Nom Beach on Binh Ba Island off Phan Rang Province.

We rushed to Nom Beach in late afternoon when local fishermen were preparing their boats and nets to go fishing offshore.

Nom Beach belongs to Hoa An Village, Xuan Hoa Commune in the northeast of Song Cau Town. Shielded at both ends by mountains, Nom Beach stretches on the shores of fine, white sand, like an arc embracing the sea.

To the west are the sequential sandy hills with verdurous poplar forests all year creating a peaceful scene, which attracts some tourists who come for splendid landscapes, fresh air and tranquility.

As Binh Binh Island is still primitive to tourists, we enjoyed our privacy there as if we owned the beach at that time. We enjoyed swimming for coral, bobbing on the waves, taking as many photos as we could and strolled up giant rocks to take a panoramic view of the scenery.

Also from there, visitors can walk several hundred meters into the front beach to take part in activities in the small fishing village and enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.

If you are a beach lover, and want a stunning beach all to yourself and your buddies or relatives, Nom Beach must be suggested for any future plans.

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