Hoi An Week in Germany to present unique cultural, culinary traits

A Hoi An Week to promote the ancient town’s culture, arts and tourist sites will be held at Wernigerode, its twin town in Germany, from July 21-28.

Vo Phung, director of the town’s Center of Culture and Sports, said several activities will be held during the week, including the Hoi An Lampionfest – Vietnam zu Gast in Wernigerode, featuring 1000 colorful traditional lanterns from Hoi An; handicraft displays as well as food festivals.

Vietnamese artisans will demonstrate lantern making, tailoring, and wood sculpture, doll and mask making, calligraphy. Talented chefs will present traditional specialties like Mỳ Quảng (Quang style rice noodle tinted yellow with the use of turmeric), and cao lầu (a dish made of noodles, pork and greens, only found in Hoi An).

In addition to the chefs and craftsmen, five bài chòi (a card game played in huts originating from the central provinces of Vietnam) artists will demonstrate the folk game to German audiences.

Several German travel companies will take part in the event to be held at the town’s center square.

Wernigerode is a picturesque, timber-framed town in the Harz Mountains of Germany. Its Vietnamese twin town Hoi An was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. It had the largest harbor in Southeast Asia in the 1st century and was known as Champa City in the past.

By T.D.T, Thanh Nien News 

Hoi An’s mỳ Quảng (Quang style rice noodle tinted yellow with the use of turmeri), will be served by Vietnamese chefs at the Hoi An Week next week in Wernigerode town, Germany

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