“Great way to see Vietnam”

4 of 5 starsReviewed 24 June 2013

Myself and 3 friends organised a private 4 day tour from Hue to Hoi Ann, stopping in Danang half way. We picked Vietnam Bike Tours after reviewing a few cycle operators on the web. The bikes looked good and they were which was very importantto us, Trek 26inch hard tails, reasonably new. It is always difficult to get comfortable on a strange bike, so I would thoroughly recommend taking your own accesories to ensure you are not uncomfortable eg, helmut, bike seat. Our guide was called ‘Vu” and he was very nice and welcoming. We probably could have stopped more and been given more explanations arounds sites, at times it felt he wanted to rush to the next location to meet a schedule when we wanted to stop and explore, but in general, we had a great time with Vu and learnt alot about him and his home life and in particular his home town Hoi An where we spent 2 days, was wonderful with great beaches and great food. The accom offered by the tour was very good (3 nights), probably too nice, we tended to enjoy the cheaper, backpacker style of accom rather than 3 star western style hotels which Vietnam Bike Tours use, but the package we booked was the most basic accom they had, I think most people would find it better than average. Highlights were stopping for sugar cane juice or a chilled vietnamese coffee roadside to get some respite from the heat. We had read that June was too hot for cycling and we found that…it was! Often 36 degrees, but as long as it was flat, we were fine. One day did involve a 1.5 hour mountain climb which we struggled with, but we did do it after lunch where we drank beer – probably didnt help, but we were reasonably fit, if you want to go in Summer, my advice is train or you will really not enjoy yourself if you cannot cope with excercising + extreme heat and humidity. All in all, a great experience and I would recommend Vietnam Bike Tours, our 4 days with Vu was great, we saw wonderful sites, waved to hundreds of children who were excited to see us and stopped in many places you would never see on a bus, cycling is the way to go in Vietnam and you get used to dealing with the traffic very quickly as these guys keep you off main roads. I suggest paying more for a private trip like we did, if you get stuck in a group with different skill levels and different wants and needs, I think it could be a miserable experience, safer by far to create your own group and enjoy it together. Oh, and the food was awesome, our guide typically listened to what we liked which was authentic Vietnamese, we had some wonderful meals as a result, although we did get stuck one night when we wanted to go to a night market to eat, our guide Vu explained he had paid for dinner at our hotel as part of the tour. Other than some small complications like this where we were forced to maintain the tour schedule – we had a great time and really enjoyed the adventure of it. Thanks Vu, see you next time, maybe we can do Hanoi in the North

Visited June 2013

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