Visiting Nui Coc Lake for love

By Thoa Nguyen in Hanoi

The gate to Cai Mountain and its 200-year-old house

Nui Coc Lake, located 15 kilometers from Thai Nguyen City, is renowned for not only splendid landscapes but also by the story of star-crossed lovers Cong and Coc.

Therefore, the site is a great place for travelers to relax and discover the love story and enjoy romantic, slow minutes to sense deeper about love and life, especially for those living a busy urban life.

The lake is located in Tan Thai Commune, Dai Tu District in Thai Nguyen Province. To reach it heading on Dan-Tan Cuong-Nui Coc road from the city, tourists will be amazed by the intoxicating lake on the mountain with many islands emerging amidst the lake when they reach the site.

Nui Coc Lake was created from a dam built in Cong River. There are about 90 large and small islands over the lake, thus Nui Coc Lake is called a miniature Halong Bay.

The giant Sakyamuni statue in Nui Coc Lake, Thai Nguyen Province – Photos: Thoa Nguyen

Moreover, the giant Sakyamuni statue which is 35.4 meters high and 22.3 meters wide is also another highlight of the site. Amidst the lake, stepping over the old stone gate in Cai Mountain, tourists have to step up the 108 stairs up to the centuries old house. Inside the house, more than 1,000 artifacts are on display. They are traditional craft products from more than 90 villages nationwide.

Moreover, many caves are worth tourists’ time. Visitors will be also entertained by water musical performances.

And tourists will of course be curious about poor Coc who could not find his true love and he used his flute to express his sadness nightly. One day, his flute came to a girl named Cong, the daughter of a rich mandarin in the village. They fell in love but her father tried to kill him.

He was hunted and detained in a dark jail. Missing her love, the girls’ tears produced Cong River. Meanwhile, the distraught Coc turned into a mountain that was then named after him.

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