A market day in northern highlands

Located in Phong Tho district, Dao San is a typical market in the northern mountain province of Lai Chau and the North-western region as a whole.

Young girls dressed in colourfully embroidered costumes


The market, held on every Sunday at the height of 1,600m above sea level, is where goods and friendly exchanges are conducted.

It is also a favourite tourist attraction for visitors from near and far to explore the distinctive lifestyle of various ethnic people in the 8 border communes of Phong Tho district.  

Nobody knows exactly when the market was formed, but it is very important to Mong, Dao and Ha Nhi ethnic people.

In this less populated area, the market day is compared to a colourful picture which is certainly worth a visit.

Let’s take a look at market activities there. 

The market offers a variety of choices for customers

Despite the scorching sun, the market remains crowded 

Children have the chance to show off new clothes

Young ethnic girls also want to boast new clothes

Buying banh duc – a kind of pastry made of rice flour

Colurful embroideries are offered at reasonable prices

The market sells daily necessities such as tomatoes, garlics and vegetables

Baskets are very popular with ethnic people in the highlands

Drinking wine 

Visitors have the chance to eat banh troi (floating cake) – a kind of marble dumplings made of white rice flour with rock sugar fillings

Going home


Source: VOV

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