Discovering Hai Tac Island

On a beautiful sunny day, we drifted down to Ha Tien to discover the land of many splendid islets and islands.

With a ticket priced at just VND40,000, we came on board the Minh Nga Boat at Ha Tien Wharf in early afternoon to go to Doc Islet. Once on board, we could see the beautiful Ha Tien City with To Chau Mountain, Phao Dai Mountain, Binh San Hill, Den Mount and Nai Cape appearing like a magnificent great wall of nature.

Doc Islet is located in Tien Hai island commune in Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province. Combining with neighboring islands, Hon Doc has formed into Hai Tac Archipelago, which is also called Hai Tac Island, with an area of 1,100 hectares of land, including 16 islands off Ha Tien Town covering 11 nautical miles.

The sunset almost came over the island and dived through the water. The wharf at that time was very busy with many fishing boats coming back from their offshore catches, offering fresh seafood for locals and tourists such as fish, squid, crabs or shrimp. Tourists can buy fresh seafood there and then and ask locals to prepare for them.

After enjoying seafood barbecue on the beach, we had a pleasant night listening to the whispers of the waves.

The next day, we were welcomed by golden beams flashing through coconut leaves to ensure we rose early. We could not miss a chance to indulge in the cool and crystal water, so we spent the whole morning swimming and relaxing on the smooth sand under the shade of coconut lines and strolling around admiring wild flowers. We also found many giant old trees scattered around the beach. By Dang Hoang Tham in Ha Tien

Tourists play on a beach on Hai Tac Island

Kids stand next to a rock stele confi rming the sovereignty of Vietnam on the island – Photos: Dan Hoang Tham

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