Caught in sunset romance in Bai Rang

People say you don’t pay tax on your dreams, imagination about the future or nostalgia of the past.

Therefore I don’t feel guilty spending a whole afternoon thinking back to the day I rode with some friends to Bai Rang on the top of Son Tra Mountain in Danang City to wait for the sunset.

Under the gentle sunlight at 3 p.m., we were keen to make a motorbike trip from the center for the eight kilometer journey. I totally indulged in a fairyland of blue seas, golden sun rays on one side and windy and empty roads with immense green forests on the other.

No jacket, no hair tie, I let the wind blow in my face, kiss my eyes and play with my lips. I just wanted to spread fully my hands to embrace all to my entrails. The beach there is very pristine and from the top of the road, I enjoyed the panoramic view of Danang City, with many boats like tiny toys sailing offshore, some couples walking on rocks and some kids jumping to avoid the waves.

We reached the halfway point and found a restaurant by the beach after descending dozens of meters deep off the road. The impression I got was that the place was very private and people usually come as groups to have a little rest and relaxation. The restaurant itself is in the design of a hut with banana leaves and dried materials. The poles are made out of concrete and wood, so it’s quite exotic looking. And the important thing is that they serve all kinds of seafood and other food. Excursionists can also bring fresh seafood there and ask them to cook to their liking.

Any tourists coming by have to make sure to bring swimwear. This place is not tainted by the masses so the water is clear and very calm compared to the public part of the beach. The sand is extremely clean and very relaxing if you decide to make a sand castle or lay down to get a nice tan going.

After finding an ideal place and ordering some food, we started to enjoy the local characters. An artist stared at returning fishing boats and became thoughtful with images about the hard life on the ocean which will come to his future paintings. A young couple disconnected our group and ran out to the rock area to take photos where there were some small white streams pouring down from the opposite mountain. An old man in our group just sipped beer and admired the red sun going down the mountain like a metaphor for his life in descent. Meanwhile, two hot girls in sexy bikinis flocked to the beach and swam around whilst the men looked on admiringly.

And me, I just clasped my hands on my knees, looking around to sense the beauty of the nature and the breath of human life. I heard people’s laugher mixed with the buzz of waves and wind. Of course, I did not forget to take photos for memories as well.

I remember well that sunset moment on that beach. There were no motorcycle horns honking constantly, no children or adults trying to sell us gum.

It was all about the group enjoying the relaxing environment. It was one of those spots  where I would go every day if I lived nearby. Maybe I’m a sucker for such an environment, but everyone gets sick of the city’s concrete jungle.

One more thing that made the setting ideal was the palm trees, fulfilling the splendid picturesque nature and offer plenty of shade to keep my skin light.

I wholly recommend everyone to visit Danang City at least once. If you are also a beach lover like me, is there any reason for you to hesitate? If not, pack a back and go ahead. By My Tran in Danang

A fi shing boat returning home under the sunset – Photos: My Tran

On the beach some huts serve as restaurants and some rocky beaches for tourists to stroll around and take snapshots

A view of Bai Rang Beach in Danang City

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